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Our mission is to help make your business
print purchasing faster, simpler and personal.

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Founded in 2019 by two friends, Paul Somerville and Andrew Robinson, with the sole mission to help make business print purchasing faster, simpler and more personal. Both have been in the print game for years. Still, neither could find a print solution that suited what so many of their clients needed - a portal that holds all of their print products in one place, ready to order 24/7. Thus, The Personal Print Portal was born! To expand the business, a strategic merger looked to be the best strategy. So, following Andrew's successful merger of Mr Flyer with The Flow Group, in July 2021, The Personal Print Portal also joined forces with The Flow Group. In this short time, we have invested heavily in training and development to ensure our clients have the best possible experience for all their print procurement.

Our Values

As part of The Flow Group, we have a sound set of values on which we base all our policies and actions.
These enable us to serve our clients with win-win outcomes every time.

Core Values

1. We will build your business

2. Should be a no brainer decision

3. Advise and educate rather than sell


To educate, advise and provide solutions for our customers to build their business as simply as possible.

Brand Promise

Everything we do is to make life simpler, faster and cheaper for our customers.

Our Group

The Flow Group Family

At The Flow Group, our overarching purpose is to educate, advise and provide solutions for our customers to build their business as simply as possible. All our brands make their given service simpler, faster and cheaper; and provide the tools and knowledge for our customers to build their business efficiently. We are continually expanding through mergers, acquisitions and launches of new brands.

Flow Fulfilment

Flow is our founding business. First established in 2008, we originated as a contract packing company and have now expanded into direct mail and pick & pack. The ability to provide efficient and accurate bespoke fulfilment across a wide range of services is the standout strength of Flow Fulfilment. We attract clients from many industries each recognising the benefits of outsourcing complex work. Flow’s expertise delivers both cost and time savings with an unwavering focus on our core values of “Simpler, faster and cheaper”.

Mr Flyer

Mr Flyer was the first merger we embarked on, completing in March 2020. With beginnings as a flyer distribution fulfilment company, at a peak employing 40 people, the model is now that of a marketing agency - expertise in-house, fulfilment outsourced. Of course, now part of The Flow Group, direct mail is fulfilled internally. Mr Flyer sells on a consultative approach, competing on adding the most value. This marketing-focused approach has led to multiple prestigious business awards wins.

Co. Brands

The Co. brand is the first new brand we have created internally. It began as an SEO opportunity to market our forthcoming Hybrid Mail service more effectively. We purchased the domain,, but soon established this should be rolled out for all our existing services, culminating in;,,,, The overarching brand, ties together these brands.

The Personal Print Portal

We acquired TPPP in December 2020 as we identified printing as our ‘missing piece’ in the Group. TPPP is a SAAS (software as a service) platform-based business that provides personalised print portals so that you no longer need to purchase your print from multiple sites or wait on a print manager to fulfil your print. We provide everything from business stationery to POS, through to signage, uniforms and every other printable item you can conceive! The portal is also available as a white-label offering, perfect for franchisors, marketing companies and printing companies.

The Flow Group Founders

# Richard Standing Managing Director
# Helen Standing Head of Finance & HR
# Mick Taylor Head of Warehousing
# Bryan Standing Director

Heads of Departments

# Andrew Robinson Head of Sales & Marketing
# Dan Hough Head of Technology
# Buddy Cox Head of Direct Mail & Production
# Rita Kybaite Head of Compliance

Team Members

# Paul Somerville
# Jacob Hazeldine
# Rodger Dumisani
# Cuong Tuan Dinh
# Gemma Taylor
# Slater Barkham-Barnes
# Tye Hewson
# Jordan Mcdowell
# Isaac Calvert
# Allen Jenson
# Julie Pearson
# Evie Hough
# Beata Nowak
# Syeda Rizvi
# Alethea Maude
# Tony Haigh

Make all your print purchasing faster, simpler and personal

We provide you with a personalised portal ordering platform branded for you, with all your products ready to order.


The Flow Group and all our brands are full ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 compliant. In addition, we are an accredited member of the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and the IPIA (Independent Print Industries Association).

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